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Product Liability

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Thousands of deaths and injuries are directly attributable to dangerous and defective products sold or distributed in the United States. Despite the work done by groups like the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Food and Drug Administration, millions of people are exposed to potentially dangerous and fatal products that do not meet even the most basic government safety standards. At the Augusta, Georgia law office of Wall Ellison, we have been representing people in product liability claims since 1978.

Anything that is sold, except services and real estate, can be considered a produce under product liability law. This means almost any type of produce designed and manufactured can be the focus of a product liability lawsuit. This makes these types of claims extremely complex and time-consuming given the need to hire experts specifically versed in these products. Our firm understands the challenges faced by anyone injured by a dangerous product and will fight hard to get the compensation that he or she deserves. For information about filing a product liability claims, contact one of our attorneys for a free initial consultation.

Common Types of Product Liability Claims

There always seems to be some dangerous product that is the focus of the media. In prior years, it was defective tires on sports utility vehicles then it shifted to tainted food. Now the whole focus seems to be on children's toys. Our firm has handled all manner of product liability claims involving:

  • Boats and personal watercraft
  • Cars, trucks and motorcycles
  • Bicycles and other recreational equipment
  • TV stands and other household appliances and furniture
  • Industrial equipment and construction tools

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