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Long-Term Accident

Augusta Long-Term Accident Injuries Attorneys

Some injuries to children are so devastating that they become long-term and life-long injuries. The attorneys at Wall Ellison understand that these injuries will require your time, attention and money long after the case is over. Therefore, we make every effort to project these future needs and losses and include them in calculating the total loss suffered.

faulty and defective products such as car seats, seat belts or toys can lead to serious injuries that require long-term care and medical treatment. If your child has suffered a serious or catastrophic injury, you have legal rights to consider. You may have a personal injury, medical malpractice or wrongful death case, depending on your circumstances. Trust a law firm that has been helping families in Georgia since 1978.

Helping Parents and Children Throughout Georgia

At the law firm of Wall Ellison, our firm has built its reputation on being one of the preeminent personal injury law firms in Augusta, Georgia. Our lawyers help clients with all types of child injury matters, including long-term accident injuries. We are skilled negotiators who can work toward structured settlements or aggressive, competent and compassionate representation at trial, depending on what is best for your individual case.

Find our about your rights and your rights and your options. Contact Wall Ellison to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced Augusta long-term accident injuries lawyer. Call us at 706-722-0768 to discuss your case.

Serious and Catastrophic Long-Term Accident Injuries

An injury to a child is devastating and life-changing for any family. Serious and catastrophic injuries can mean costly medical bills, rehabilitation, therapy and future care and/or surgeries. We can seek financial compensation on your child's behalf in order to help ease any financial burdens so you can focus on helping your child get better.

Serious and catastrophic injuries include:

  • Head and brain injuries
  • Back and spinal cord injuries
  • Burn and electrical injuries
  • Broken bone/severed limbs

Contact Us for Georgia Car Accident Lawyers

If your child has suffered a serious long-term injury or was killed due to negligent or reckless actions of another, we can help you seek full compensation for their injuries suffered. Contact a Georgia car accident attorney at the law firm of Wall Ellison in Richmond County for a free consultation.

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