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Augusta Child Injury Attorneys

A parent's worst nightmare is a serious injury befalling a child — in a motor vehicle accident, at a swimming pool or playground, in an attack by a pet or while just playing with a toy that is unsafe.

Children are harmed every day by many kinds of defective products such as car seats, beds and cribs, types of clothing, small toys, imported products and even Venetian blinds. These injuries are often the result of a poor manufacturing design.

Georgia Lawyer for Injuries to Children

The consequences can be heartbreaking — brain injuries, spinal injuries, poisonings, drownings, or being killed by the impact of a highway collision. Seeking compensation for such injuries, up to and including wrongful death, will not seem like a top priority at first. But many parents find that holding a negligent party responsible is a part of their own healing — with the chance that it may prevent similar tragedies from happening again.

Darting: Did you know?
Insurance companies often claim that a child was injured or killed after "darting into traffic." That is to say, the injury was the child's own fault. Thousands of adults are struck by cars every year and no one accuses them of "darting." A skilled attorney can deflect the "darting" defense and hold the negligent driver accountable.

Auto Accident

At Wall Ellison LLC, we have long experience working with parents to hold negligent parties accountable for injuring children. We have worked with families in cases involving motor vehicle accidents, school and day care events, bicycle and playground accidents, bus crashes, defective toys, unsafe premises, and attacks by dogs.

Children are the most vulnerable members of society. They require our vigilance and protection. Filing a suit on their behalf, to prevent further injuries and deaths, is part of our obligation to them.

We invite you to talk to us at Wall Ellison LLC. We will help you assess your chances and, if you wish, file suit for the compensation you deserve and the punishment the negligent party has earned.

Has your child been injured or killed in a car accident? Call the Augusta child injury lawyers Wall Ellison LLC at 706-303-1923.

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