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Augusta Estate Litigation Attorneys

At Wall Ellison LLC, we protect the interests of clients' interests arising during probate. This includes resolving disputes based in wills and trusts.

Columbia County Will Contest Lawyer

Georgia law provides clear guidance regarding the handling of estate assets, but disagreements still arise. Attorney James B. Wall uses his experience and knowledge of estate law to obtain positive outcomes arising from a wide range of issues:

  • Was the decedent of sound mind when the will was written? Was the decedent influenced in any way by coercion or deception?
  • Are there assets that should be included in the estate, but are not?
  • Is the personal representative competent and ethical?
  • Are requirements of the will being ignored?

Just as wills are being challenged, so are trust arrangements. Since trusts are managed outside the supervision of courts, irregularities sometimes occur that may lead to legal challenges.

Questions Augusta Estate Litigation Lawyers Seek to Answer

If you are involved in a trustee dispute, our attorneys will carefully investigate the facts of your case in order to effectively litigate any claims involved in your case, including the following:

  • Have funds been mismanaged?
  • Was the trust properly constructed?
  • Has any bias been shown toward or against heirs?
  • Has any party exerted undue influence on a trustee?

The larger the estate, of course, the more alarming these irregularities appear. At Wall Ellison LLC, we have taken part in dispute resolution process to ensure comity and fairness throughout the probate process.

If you have concerns about the way an estate is being handled, contact the Augusta estate litigation lawyers at Wall Ellison LLC at 706-303-1923. Or write to us using this online form.

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