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Augusta Car Accidents Attorneys

When you're hurt because of someone else's careless or reckless conduct, it's not just the medical bills that add up. You also have physical injuries to worry about, income lost from time away from work and an immense amount of emotional stress that needs to be worked through.

Assertive Columbia County Auto Injury Lawyers

When you are seriously injured, your top priority is not filing a lawsuit seeking compensation. Your job is to heal from your injuries and build yourself back up, to the maximum possible degree of function.

At Wall Ellison LLC, we get that. That is why, when you are injured, we do most of the work ourselves. We conduct an investigation, we ascertain the facts of the case and we devise a strategy that holds the negligent party accountable for your pains.

We Investigate the Causes of Fatal Car Accidents

These are some of the injuries we have sought and obtained compensation for:

Demanding Injury Compensation From the Negligent

You concentrate on getting better. Let the attorneys at Wall Ellison LLC handle the disputes, the paperwork and the insurance companies. Your sole contribution is to tell us your story, including as many details as possible.

To schedule a free initial consultation, call the Augusta car accidents lawyers at Wall Ellison LLC at 706-303-1923, or send us an e-mail using this online form.

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