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Augusta Brain Injury Attorneys

Few medical problems are as complex as a brain injury, or as devastating to the victim. Symptoms include the loss of memory, motor function, sight, speech and cognitive function.

Victims can experience blurred vision, nerve damage, concussion, seizures, and deep confusion and distress. In some cases, patients descend into coma, from which they may or may not emerge.

Experienced Georgia Head Injuries Lawyer

Serious brain injuries occur as a result of different kinds of incidents. The most common we see occur in car, truck and motorcycle accidents. But there are many cases of serious brain injury caused by slip-and-fall accidents, being hit by falling debris at a construction site or surgical errors.

Insurance companies can be particularly callous in brain injury cases. They will argue that brain injury requires a blow directly to the head. But anatomy tells us this is not true. Ordinary whiplash has been known to cause traumatic brain injury. Football tells us that you can sustain serious permanent injury just by being tackled.

Seeking Compensation for Traumatic Brain Injury

Much brain damage is reversible, as with strokes. Open head injuries leave less hope for recovery. When injuries are catastrophic, they change everything about the individual's life. Some of the highest awards go to people with serious brain injuries. They can end careers, reduce overall competence, require constant nursing attention and permanently change the individual's personality. These serious losses are all compensable.

If someone you love has suffered brain damage in a car accident or in any other situation, you owe it to yourself to speak to an experienced brain trauma attorney, to evaluate your case and discuss what compensation may be due you.

Has a loved one suffered a serious brain injury in an accident? You may be entitled to legal compensation. Call the Augusta brain injury lawyers at 706-303-1923 to discuss your case. Or e-mail Wall Ellison LLC at this address.

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