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Augusta Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

Statistics say a pedestrian is hit every seven minutes in the U.S. They don't describe how over-matched a human being is against a truck or automobile in motion.

With surprising frequency, the drivers sometimes speed away to avoid responsibility. A disturbing number of pedestrian injuries occur because the driver of the vehicle is distracted by a cellphone, or eating a burger at the wheel.

The resulting injuries are terrible, and frequently result in death. At Wall Ellison LLC, we stand up for pedestrians who have been hit by cars, and we represent families of those who have been killed.

Trial-Hardened Columbia County Pedestrian Injury Lawyers

Pedestrian injuries are usually severe, and care is costly. When we file a claim for a pedestrian injury, we seek the cost of ongoing medical and rehabilitative work, in addition to lost wages and pain and suffering.

If someone you love has been struck by a vehicle, you must move quickly to hire a lawyer who knows the laws about pedestrian accidents. At Wall Ellison we go into battle mode with a pedestrian injury case. We investigate the scene, examine police reports and interview witnesses at the soonest opportunity (in order to "lock in" their stories).

Even if you receive compensation from an insurance company, it may not cover all your medical expenses, rehabilitation and future medical procedures.

We Pursue Compensation in Wrongful Death Cases

If the person you loved dies from the injuries, a wrongful death case may be in order. The goal of our attorneys is to obtain compensation for your loss and to send the message that reckless driving will not be tolerated.

Individuals Hit by Cars Have Rights and Options

As with all legal matters, it is important to have counsel that knows the law. It helps to know, for instance, that even with a hit-and-run where the driver is never found, there are still options for recovery.

We urge you to call the Augusta pedestrian accident lawyers at Wall Ellison LLC to discuss these options. Our number is 706-303-1923. Or you can e-mail us using this form to set up a free initial consultation.

We take all cases on a contingency basis. We don't get paid until you do.

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